Does the Weinberg Library Have My Textbook?

No, The Weinberg Library does not USUALLY purchase textbooks.  Textbooks are often updated every year, making them outdated much more quickly than the typical library book.  On the slim chance that we may have acquired the textbook for your class, it would be listed in the Online Catalog.  To check, simply access the “Our Catalog” link from the Library’s homepage and type in the exact title of the textbook (editor or author is helpful, since most textbooks have generic names such as Fundamentals of Psychology, Microeconomics, etc.)

Length of loan can also be problematic, since books circulate for one month, and you need your textbook for an entire semester.

You may also try E-Z Borrow (PALCI), a direct borrowing service found as a link from the Library’s Homepage.  Your Royal Number is your login for this service.