Share with Surety: Facebook Privacy Settings Workshop

Take a second to Google the phrase “facebook privacy” and you will probably come across a few anxiety-provoking results.  You might see links to articles with headlines like “Facebook’s Privacy Changes: When Will it Go Too Far (and will you even notice)?”, “Facebook’s New Privacy Changes: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”, and even “Facebook’s Zuckerberg Says the Age of Privacy is Over.”

For experienced Facebook users, these concerns might be old hat.  But if you’re a relatively new Facebook user and you’re not sure how to tweak your profile to account for all of these changes, we’ve got a workshop for you.

Next Wednesday, April 7 from 12pm-1pm in WML306, Public Services librarian Donna Mazziotti will teach a Technology on Your Own Terms workshop that she’s titled “Share With Surety: Facebook Privacy Settings for the Casual Facebook User.” During the session, Donna will walk participants through customizing their own Facebook Privacy Settings and will help attendees understand what each setting means.

The workshop is open to University of Scranton faculty and staff members, so if you’re interested, please let us know by registering at  The workshop will be hands-on, and we’re assuming that attendees already have a Facebook account.  If you plan to participate, make sure that you’ll be able to remember your account information when you arrive at the workshop.  Hope to see you there!