Extended Hours During Dead Week and Finals

The semester is winding down, classes are coming to a close, the campus is looking forward to Senior Week and Commencement fun… everywhere you look, the university is getting ready for the end of the semester. But before the fun can commence, here on campus students and faculty are getting ready for Finals Week!

Here at the Weinberg, the Library faculty and staff, not unlike our students, are looking forward to summer break. But in preparation for Finals Week, we’ll be working more hours, starting this coming Monday. Here’s when you’ll find us open during Dead Week (i.e. the week before Finals):

Monday, May 10:  8:00am – 12 Midnight

Tuesday, May 11: 8:00am – 12 Midnight

Wednesday, May 12: 8:00am – 12 Midnight

Thursday, May 13: 8:00am – 12 Midnight

Friday, May 14 we will be keeping our normal hours of 8:00am – 10:00pm.

Then, it’s the dreaded Finals Week, during which we’ll also have extended hours:

Saturday, May 15: 9:00am – 9:00pm

Sunday, May 16: 12 Noon – 2:00am

Monday, May 17:  7:00am – 2:00am

Tuesday, May 18:  7:00am – 2:00am

Wednesday, May 19:  7:00am – 2:00am

Thurday, May 20:  8:00am – 12 Midnight

Friday, May 21:  8:00am – 4:30pm

And of course, the Pro Deo room will be open 24/7 throughout these dates and beyond.

Good luck with finals everyone!

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  1. Thanks for working longer hours everyone! We appreciate everything you do!

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