New for Fall: Borrow an iPad!

Our laptop borrowing program has always been popular with students, so this year we thought we’d expand it! Now, students can borrow one of our three brand new iPad2s.

We want to help our students explore this new world of tablet computing, so we’ve made borrowing an iPad as easy as possible.  To request an iPad, all you have to do is stop by our circulation desk.  Our laptops can only be borrowed for a period of 3 hours, but when you check out an iPad, you’ll get to keep it for a whole day. And even better – unlike our laptops, which have to stay in the building, you can take your borrowed iPad out of the Library and use it where ever you like.

Give our iPads a whirl, and then let us know what you think of this new program! If we see the iPads getting a lot of use, we’ll look into purchasing more of them (or purchasing one or more Android tablets).