NEW! – Circulation of Media to Students

During Fall 2013 the Library is piloting a new service which offers students the option to check out films for a 48-hour loan period.  This gives students the convenience of viewing films outside of regular Library hours.  The success of this pilot will determine if the service continues.

The library owns thousands of DVDs which may be used for home viewing or research.  Films do not have public performance rights, so they may not be shown publicly at club/group meetings.  Some films are Reserved for use in the Library and will not be part of this pilot.

To find out if a film you’d like to see is available, search the catalog for the title, and choose DVD or VHS under the Format heading to restrict the search.  You can also search by keyword to find films on a particular topic, like Physics.

 So if you missed a popular film like Life of Pi, or you need more information for that paper you’re writing, see what Media Resources has to offer.