Request for Authors and Illustrators to Speak Up for Pennsylvania Libraries

Pa Forward Speak Up!

PA Forward is seeking authors and illustrators to write up short narratives about their support for Pennsylvania Libraries.  Please pass on the letter below to anyone who may be interested in helping.  They are particularly looking for anyone who has published books of interest to the general public or school age children. Thanks for your help in spreading the word.

PA Forward is a campaign by the Pennsylvania Library Association to promote public, academic, and school libraries and ensure that all Pennsylvania libraries have what they need to help people reach their greatest potential and meet the demands of the 21st century life. This initiative establishes new public-private partnerships and builds on the belief that libraries are uniquely positioned to help Pennsylvanians improve their command of five types of literacy essential to greater success in all vital roles of life, from citizens, students, and parents, to employers, employees, and consumers.  The five areas of focus are basic literacy, information literacy, civic and social literacy, health literacy, and financial literacy.

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The Pennsylvania Library Association is proud to introduce the “PA Forward Speak Up! Authors & Illustrators Speak Up for PA Libraries” initiative. This initiative places Pennsylvania authors and illustrators in the spotlight, increasing support for libraries everywhere during a critical period of economic downturn. As a partner and spokesperson, your involvement can help fuel the dialogue on Pennsylvania libraries and the key role these institutions play in the economic, social and educational fabric of our state.

Your leadership comes at a true watershed moment for libraries everywhere. With Americans facing economic uncertainty, high unemployment rates, and the dizzying pace of an increasingly digital world, libraries remain the great equalizer. While statistics show us that library usage is up in unprecedented numbers, reports from libraries around the country tell us that tight city and state budgets are closing library doors, reducing collections and resources, and ultimately reducing access when it’s needed most.

The library community is keenly aware of this irony, but our message is heard best when it’s delivered by those outside of the library, particularly those who can speak eloquently and articulately about the value of libraries and the issues facing them. And who better than individuals whose works are the very reason we have libraries: authors like you. Authors are natural allies of libraries. You appreciate them as a quiet space to write or do research and you understand that the library that houses your books immortalizes your words and ideas.

Please visit and provide us with the information we need for our grassroots campaign. If you have any questions feel free to email at