Congratulations to Barb Evans and Sharon Finnerty

Today Barb and Sharon joined an exclusive club at the University. They are now officially members of the 10-year employee contingent at Scranton. The two were among the 37 employees from the faculty and staff, as well as ARAMark and the Bookstore, who were honored at a luncheon in the Rose Room of Brennan Hall. They received a certificate, pin, and long-stemmed white rose to mark the occasion. Later this month, Michael Knies will mark a special milestone at the University as well. On May 20, Michael will be inducted into the Pro Do et Universitate Society, commemorating his twentieth anniversary of service to the Weinberg Library. Please offer your best wishes to Barb, Sharon, and Michael as they celebrate their accomplishments!

One Reply to “Congratulations to Barb Evans and Sharon Finnerty”

  1. Congratulations to three wonderful former co-workers. I will never forget my days at the Library and all the wonderful people I met. I would go back to those days anytime.
    Still friends with all of them.

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