Spotlight on Student Worker Cathy Dolisca

Cathy Dolisca is an Exercise Science major with a concentration in Nutrition. She also minored in Educational Studies. Before coming to The University of Scranton, Cathy went to the Academy of St. Elizabeth in Convent Station, NJ. She is originally from Maplewood, NJ but she currently resides in East Hanover, NJ. Over the summer, she will volunteer with EPOCH, an afterschool and summer program that helps special needs children.

Cathy has worked as Reference Department Student Worker for two years. As one of the first students to work at the Reference Desk for many years, Cathy helps students with their library-related questions and assists the reference librarians with their projects. While on the job, Cathy has learned a lot about the library and doing library research through the databases and other resources that the library provides. The skills that Cathy has learned on the job have enabled her to help her peers, and she enjoys interacting with her fellow students. Cathy takes her work very seriously, and she knows her job is very important because she gets to help her classmates on their way to success. We agree, Cathy! And you do an excellent job of helping the students that come to the desk!

Cathy is currently applying to go to nursing school with the goal of earning a BSN degree. Her career goal is to become a travel nurse, which is a nurse who temporarily relocates to hospitals all across the country. Becoming a travel nurse would allow her to explore and spend time in various places around the country.

In addition to her studies and job in the library, Cathy is a member of the Sustainability Club and the Exercise Science Club. She is also a huge fan of movies and enjoys discussing movies with friends and some of her library colleagues. She especially loves horror movies, but she also enjoys comedies, dramas, and movies that make you think. For example, she recently saw Ex Machina, and she loved the twist ending. She liked that the movie made her think a lot about the future and where technology and society might be heading. Cathy is also an avid reader, and she really enjoys poetry books. Currently, she is reading Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. Next on her reading list is So Sad Today by Melissa Broder and The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. Cathy also has a creative side, she likes to write as a way to get all of her thoughts out, and she enjoys drawing as well.

Cathy is a dedicated worker who is always very reliable. The librarians could always count on Cathy to ably handle staffing the reference desk and appropriately answering student questions. Cathy is well liked by her fellow student workers and all of the librarians. She will be greatly missed!

Thank you, Cathy! Best wishes on your way to success!