Affordable Learning Discussion 10/28

The Library invites University of Scranton Faculty to join the Library’s Open Educational Resources Committee on Wednesday, October 28th, at 11:00 am over Zoom to discuss implementing Open Educational Resources (OER) and affordable learning materials in the classroom. Affordable learning aims to reduce the financial burden on students by eliminating expensive for-cost textbooks and course materials with no-cost or low-cost educational resources. OER include online textbooks, media, and other materials that are available freely for use and can be remixed/reused for educational purposes.

Discussion will include an introduction to OER, how to locate OER and other open materials within the Library’s collection and online, and suggestions for how you can replace costly textbooks and other resources with OER and/or appropriately licensed library resources. Librarians will also answer questions about OER and the Affordable Learning Implementation Grants (formerly the Open Educational Resources Grant), available to full-time Faculty and accepting applications until November 13th.

Please click here and register to receive the Zoom link.