Students on Campus During Intersession

Only students enrolled in in-person Intersession classes or have approved research or work-study positions are allowed to be on campus during Intersession. Students not enrolled in in-person Intersession classes, or do not have approved research or work-study positions are not allowed to be on campus and will not be able to swipe into buildings, including the Library. Please see the following policy details from Bobby Davis, Vice President of Student Affairs, for more information:
  • COVID-19 Test: Students who are returning to campus after spending time elsewhere (i.e., spent at least one overnight off campus) are required to submit a negative COVID-19 test result via their Student Health Portal by noon on Saturday, January 2. Students who tested positive in the previous 90 days are not required to submit a negative test, but must upload their positive test result into the Student Health Portal if they have not done so already. If you tested positive on campus during the Fall semester, you do not need to upload a test result. Students cannot access campus until this result is received. All COVID-19 tests must be PCR tests, and be dated on or after December 30. Students should self-quarantine while awaiting test results.
  • Campus Operations: The University remains closed to visitors. Students who do not have approval to be on campus for Intersession courses or other activities cannot visit campus during Intersession.