“European Medieval Manuscript Leaves: Varieties of Script and Content from the Jim Sims Collection” Now Open!

This physical and online exhibit looks at the progression of medieval handwriting primarily in liturgical books, lay prayer books and Bibles. While not all types of medieval handwriting are in the exhibit, scripts such as Carolingian, Gothic, and Humanist among others are featured. The exhibit was curated by Casey Welby, Classical Languages and History Major ’21 as part of her Honors Project and as a student humanities fellowship at the Gail and Francis Slattery Center for the Humanities. Welby worked with Special Collections Librarian Prof. Michael Knies, Digital Services Librarian Prof. Colleen Farry, with the support of Digital Services Web Developer Jennifer Galas. The Heritage Room will be hosting the physical exhibit of the Sims medieval manuscript leaf collection from February 8 through May 21. However, due to COVID restrictions, the campus is closed to the general public. The online version of the exhibit can be viewed here: digitalprojects.scranton.edu/s/sims-exhibit.

For more information please contact Special Collections Librarian Michael Knies at michael.knies@scranton.edu