Poem in Your Pocket Day 2019

You may know that April is National Poetry Month, but did you know that Thursday April 18 is “Poem in Your Pocket” Day? People are encouraged to “celebrate by selecting a poem, carrying it with them, and sharing it with others throughout the day”. I am choosing to share here a very short poem by Emily Dickinson.

To Make a Prairie

To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee, —

One clover, and a bee,

And revery.

The revery alone will do

If bees are few.


Pick a poem to share tomorrow – either in person or at #pocketpoem !

Exam Snacks 12/10, 12/11, 12/12

If you are studying in the library around 7pm tonight, Tuesday or Wednesday stop by the Reilly Learning Commons for free coffee and cookies, compliments of the Library. Good luck on your finals!


More Library Study Space Available

The Library Computer Lab (Rm.306) and an additional Group Study Room on the 4th Floor are now available for student use. Please note the guidelines posted in each room, and good luck preparing for your exams!

Library third floor will be open for Quiet Study 24/7 starting Monday 12/3

In response to student requests, the Library third floor will be open 24/7 for dead week and finals week, specifically earmarked for Quiet Study. We hope this will help to alleviate some stress. Good luck with your end of the semester endeavors!

Library open by swipe after 4pm today

Even though the library won’t be staffed after 4 p.m., remember that faculty, staff and currently registered University of Scranton students may enter the 24-hour library spaces by Royal Card swipe at any time. Happy studying!

Quiet Study 24/7

Last year, students said they weren’t aware of the 24/7 Quiet Study Rooms on the 2nd floor. The rooms are numbered 218 & 218B and are located at the back of the floor near the back staircase. These rooms are set up for students studying individually who need quiet to work, especially after hours. There were upgrades to the rooms over the summer. If you are looking for quiet study space, especially when the library isn’t staffed, give it a try. For the next week or two there will be a place in each room to leave comments/further suggestions.