C-Store cheerleader photo, from the University Archives

If you’ve been in the DeNaples C-Store lately (or as it’s now officially known, the P.O.D. Market), you might have seen this “cheerful” photo behind the counter:

Front row: Tom O’Neill and Chris Zoeller. Back row: Herbert Lebovits, Joseph Molasky, and Jack McHale.

This photo from 1952 comes from the Weinberg Memorial Library’s University Archives, where it’s safely preserved for posterity in an acid-free folder.  In 2009, we digitized the Archives’ whole set of football-related photographs and made it available online in our digital Football Collection.  We recently just posted this photo to our Flickr account as part of a sample from the collection, to help users find us:

We here at the Library are proud to help our students get to know the University’s history.  After all, according to one of our favorite archived University fight songs,  “Today we’re Royals in the game, / Tomorrow we’re Royals in the world! We’re Royals, Royals, Royals!!”