National Poetry Month

Shakespeare Panel April is National Poetry Month, and, as Fr. Pilarz has pointed out, today, April 29, is designated as the official occasion to celebrate. One way that you could celebrate is by visiting the Heritage Room on the 5th floor of the Weinberg Memorial Library. Enjoy the beautiful paintings by Trevor Southey, but also notice the poetry written on the wall beneath these images. Each quote is from a diffrerent poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins, a 19th century Jesuit poet. You can search The Columbia Granger’s Wold of Poetry to find out which poem each quote comes from. There is a Quick Search on the left-hand side of the page. Type “Gerard Manley Hopkins” in the search box under Poet and click on the Go button. Click on Hopkins, Gerard Manley (1844–89) for a list of his poems (my favorite is Pied Beauty) or click on [bio] to access some biographical information.