We Have Elevated Your Reading Experience

The Library received several complaints from students who are unable to slide their chairs under the tables.  We tried different approaches to remedy this problem.  First we tried removing the pieces of wood that are underneath the edges of the table from the two sides.  When these are in place, the table is very stable; removing them made it wobbly.   We tried bracketing the rest of the table to stabilize it but this didn’t work.   We reviewed the problem with the University’s carpenters and they created customized lifts to put under the legs.  Carpenter Jerry Terhune has been installing them early in the morning before the Library gets busy. 

Now that you can get your legs under the tables, the surfaces of the tables are also higher bringing your reading materials and laptops to a new level.   Let us know how you like this fix.  We use your feedback to develop access, resources and Library programs so please share your feedback with us.