New 24 Hour Study Space is Open!

It’s finally done!
Our new 24-hour study space is open,* just in time for fall semester.

We have lots of comfy seating for late night studying…

… a new UniPrint station…

… and group study rooms complete with computers and whiteboards.

Big, big thank yous to all of the Physical Plant staff who worked on the renovations, and thanks also to our patrons for pardoning our dust all summer during the construction.

*By open, we mean you can come check it out during the Library’s hours today (until 4:30pm), Saturday (12pm-6pm), and Sunday (12pm-11:30pm).  The new space won’t be open 24/7 until Monday.

Construction begins on new study space

Over the past few years, our students here at the University of Scranton have consistently let us know that they’d like to have more study space – and especially more study space that’s available for late-night study sessions.

Back in March, we announced that we’d gotten the go-ahead to renovate our first floor print periodical room to create a new study space that (just like the Pro Deo room) will be open to students 24 hours a day (via card swipe after the Library closes for the night).  And finally, after a lot of planning and discussion, we’re beginning construction on the new space!  If you’re interested in following along, we’ll be posting updates here on our blog as well as on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

So here’s what the study space in the 1st floor periodical room looks like now:

And here’s the window that will be replaced by the new entrance to the 24-hour room:

We’ve started by removing extra shelving to make more room for study tables:

We’ve also removed all of the paintings, and stored them upstairs in the archives to keep them safe during construction. The group study rooms look kind of empty without them:

If you’ll be visiting the Library over the summer, be aware that due to this construction, the print periodical room will be closed to Library patrons.  If you need a print periodical for your research, just request it at the circulation desk and a Library staff member will retrieve it for you. Thanks for your patience while we work on this much-needed improvement to our building!