Green Team River Walk

The Central Railroad of New Jersey terminal on Lackawanna Avenue

Saturday morning members of the Weinberg’s Green Team attended a walk and orientation along the Lackawanna Heritage Valley Authority’s Heritage Trail, starting at the River Walk section off of Olive Street. The weather was perfect–sunny but cool. We learned about the construction of the trail and the history of the city and what previously stood on spots along the river. Our guide, Ashlyn Gomez, director of community engagement at LHVA, showed pictures of specific landmarks and bridges, and also pointed out trees and plants along the walk. One highlight was the view of the train terminal on Lackawanna Ave.

We traveled further along the trail, into South Side, behind the sports complex and shopping center.  The walk provided an interesting perspective on the city, one that we don’t often get to see but should take full advantage of.  It was nice to encounter others running and walking their dogs.  Bikers are also welcome on the trail, but motorized vehicles are not.

A writer from the Scranton Times joined us as well!  You can check out their write up and some pictures from yesterday’s paper.

The Green Team looks forward to utilizing the trail and sharing it with others as well.  I think we are all enthused by the prospects that the day provided.