LibX Catalog Search Toolbar

The library now has a catalog search toolbar that you can install in your internet browser.  The toolbar is called LibX it is an open source product that’s super easy to use!  You can visit the University of Scranton’s LibX Edition instruction page to install it.  On the top of the page, there’s a link to install in Firefox or Internet Explorer.  Once it has been installed, you will have a new toolbar in your browser that looks like this:

The toolbar will let you search the catalog by Keyword, Title, Author, Subject, ISBN, and even Call Number!  But LibX doesn’t just let you search from your toolbar.   It will also insert our favicon

(this symbol ) into certain websites, like Amazon, Google and The New York Times.  When you see that symbol, you can click it and it will execute a search into our catalog.  For example, if you’re looking at a book in Amazon, you can click the icon next to the title and it will search our catalog for that particular book!  Also, if you do a search in Google,  you will see the symbol in your results list, if you were to click the icon it would perform the same search but in our catalog.

That’s not all it does, either!  It will also allow you to highlight any text on a website and by right-clicking with your mouse, you can choose to search our catalog for that information.  And finally, it will also hyperlink any ISBN in any website, so you can simply click an ISBN which will search our catalog.  I hope you find this useful in streamlining your research and searching techniques!