Afghanistan on the Ground: A Woman’s View

Don’t forget, you have one final chance to enjoy this fall’s Schemel Forum World Affairs Briefing luncheons!  On Tuesday, November 16 at 12pm, executive director of Voice of Women Suraya Pakzad will be on campus to speak on “Afghanistan on the Ground: A Woman’s View.”

In a country where females are second-class citizens, Pakzad overcame formidable obstacles to receive an education and more recently, under the oppressive Taliban rule, risked her life to set up covert schools for girls and spread the light of knowledge to the future mothers of her country. Her presentation will focus on the most recent developments in Afghanistan regarding empowering women with basic rights. She will also emphasize, in the wake of the exit of international forces and aid agencies, the need for the United States and its allies to “see us through the transition and not repeat the mistakes of leaving us in the middle of nowhere.”

You won’t want to miss Ms. Pakzad’s inspiring story of struggle for women’s rights in Afghanistan.  Please register with Kym Fetsko at – and invite a friend to come along with you!