Boost Your Environmental Awareness

April 22nd is Earth Day, and the Media Resources Collection has many films that cover topics related to the global environment including  No Impact Man,  An Inconvenient Truth, and The 11th Hour.

An area of growing concern is the environmental aspect of agriculture and how producing the foods we eat has changed over the past fifty years.  King Corn and Food, Inc. are two eye-opening documentaries that shed light on these changes and question whether or not they benefit our environment, our health and our farmers.

Check for their availability by searching our Library catalog at

Saving our World with Social Awareness

From Left to Right: Allison Maury, Kelly Williams, and Jenna Caserta. (Missing from the photo Brianne Gallagher).

A group of students from Dr. Jessica Nolan’s Social Psychology class stand next to their informational poster. The poster was presented at the University’s Earth Day Fair and the group spread awareness about living sustainably. In particular, the girls concentrated on the use of disposable water bottles and the benefits of purchasing a reusable water bottle.

The students collaborated with the Library’s Green Team and used the “Save Our World” BPA-Free reusable bottles as an example of what can be done to reduce the use of disposable water bottles.

The Library Green Team thanks these students and Dr. Nolan for all their hard work!

Environmental Art Show Reception

The Reception for the Environmental Art Show will be held tonight (Monday April 18) from 7 to 9pm. Please come by the Heritage Room (5th floor of the library) for a chance to meet and greet the artists. The Reception is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served at this event.

Recycled Craft Night

In celebration of Earth Week and in conjunction with the Environmental Art Show, the Library will be hosting a Recycled Craft Night on April 14th at 7PM in the Heritage Room.  Come join us as we learn how to make origami swans and jumping frogs out of unused book covers!  This event has been organized by the Weinberg Memorial Library Green Team.    All Students, Faculty and Staff are welcome to attend!

Second Call for Art

The deadline to submit your Environmental or Sustainability related art is quickly approaching!

Please have your artwork delivered to the library (either the Circulation or the Reference Desk) before Monday April 11!

All types of artwork are invited to be submitted to the Environmental Art Show. The exhibit will run from April 14th to the 21st in the Heritage Room. On Monday April 18th at 7pm there will be a Grand Opening event for a chance to meet the Artists and discuss their work. Refreshments will be served.

For more information about the Environmental Art Show please visit the original blog post: Calling All Artists

Save our World!

Now available at the Library for purchase are BPA-Free reusable water bottles. These BPA-Free reusable water bottles are only $7 and you can use the Library’s new water purifier to fill-up for free!

The Library Green Team has been dedicated to tackling as many environmental issues as we can. By purchasing one of these bottles and filling up for free at the new water purifier in the 24 hour room, you can help show your Scranton Pride and support Sustainability!

The water bottles are 28 ounces and are made with BPA-Free plastic.

Check in to the Library on Foursquare!

Foursquare users should be sure to check in to the Library each time they visit – our Mayor wins a free Library water bottle!

So far, we’ve had 87 check in a total of 570 times.  Our goal is to be more popular than the DeNaples Center, where 134 people have checked in 936 times.

Keep an eye out for other Foursquare specials on campus – they’re coming soon!

Some Like It Hot, Some Like It Cold, Everyone Likes it When It supports Sustainability!

There is now a filtered water dispenser in the new 24 hours space.  The first button on the right dispenses room temperature water.  Press the second button for cold.  To get hot, you need to press the key icon before pressing the button on the left.  This feature prevents accidentally discharging hot water.

Coming soon:  100 BPA-Free reusable water bottles which feature the University of Scranton “S” and a green leafy “W” for the Weinberg Memorial Library

Calling All Artists

This year the library will be hosting its first ever Environmental Art Show. The purpose of the art show is to promote sustainability and to raise awareness about environmental issues. The Library Green Team is asking any interested students, staff, or faculty to submit their environmentally themed art.

All types of environmentally themed art are welcome, this includes photography, painting, sculpting, graphic design, altered images, fashion, film art, and any other areas of creativity. Submissions must be environmentally themed. Examples of environmentally themed art include nature scenes, animals, humanity’s effect on the environment, and creative messages about sustainable issues. Any questions about specific themes or ideas could be directed to There is no limit on submissions. However, not all submissions will necessarily be displayed.

Submissions are asked to be ready for display (within reason) This means, for example, that photographs and paintings are to be matted or framed, TVs and additional devices for film art will be provided by the library, any artist who has special display needs should contact George Aulisio. The Environmental Art Show will be held in the Heritage room of the library and will coincide with the University’s celebration of Earth week. All artwork will be returned by the end of the semester.

For any additional questions please contact

Students make Sustainability PSAs for the Library


The next time you walk into the WML you might be in for a little surprise. We now have videos on the library’s TVs. The videos, created by Professor Mary Beth Holmes’s TV Production classes, are short Public Service Announcements which help to raise awareness of the issue of Sustainability. All videos were filmed in the Weinberg Memorial Library by University of Scranton students.

The library is dedicated to sustainability and being as environmentally conscious as possible. The Library Green Team had been looking for new and creative ways to educate students on the importance of conserving paper, recycling properly, and purchasing a travel mug and water bottle instead of buying disposable cups and plastic. Luckily for the library the University has talented students.

The six videos that display on the library’s four TVs each send a unique message about sustainable issues in our library. In addition, these high quality and informative videos are able to convey the message of sustainability without making a sound… all of the videos are silent in order to not disturb those studying in the library.

The library sends special thanks to the twelve students who helped to create these videos, they are:

Laura Bonawits, Stephanie Conboy, Cory Burrell, Jonathan Oliveto, Catherine Fischer, Beth Posocco, Alycia McCarthy, Matthew Santanastaso, Dana O’Donnell, Lauren Fuller, Matthew O’Handley, and Alonso Villagomez Stock.