Environmental Art Show – Call for Art!

call for art_2015The library is seeking submissions for the 5th annual Environmental Art Show. The art show will be held from April 13th until the 20th.

The purpose of the Environmental Art Show is to promote the natural beauty of our environment and the ideal practice of sustainable living through artworks of all types, including painting, photography, repurposed goods, sculpture, and more. The show is comprised entirely of University of Scranton student, staff, and faculty submissions, so please consider contributing!

The deadline for submissions is set for Friday, April 10, 2015. All works of art can be dropped off at either the circulation or reference desks of the library. All artwork is returned after the exhibit has closed.

For photos from the past Environmental Art Shows see the following links:

EAS 2011 — EAS 2012 — EAS 2013 — EAS 2014

Freedom Quilt Stained Glass Art Exhibit and Lecture


Honoring and celebrating Black History Month, The University of Scranton, in collaboration with The Center for Anti-slavery Studies, is pleased to welcome the Glass Artisans Chapter of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen to the Library’s 5th floor Heritage Room.  The Glass Artisans will share their creative process in designing an exhibit titled: The History of the Freedom Quilts and the Underground Railroad in Northeast Pennsylvania.

Students, faculty, staff, along with Scranton area residents, are invited to a lecture/reception/book-signing on Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2015 from 5:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. Sherman and Cindy Wooden, founders of the Center for Anti-Slavery Studies will lead us with a lecture along with Dr. Pedro Anes of the Glass Artisans who will explain their creative process in designing the spectacular stained-glass “Freedom Quilt” Art Exhibit.

This project is supported by a Lackawanna County Community Arts and Culture Grant, a program of the Lackawanna County Commissioners Corey D. O’Brien, Jim Wansacz and Patrick O’Malley. The event is hosted by The Office of Equity and Diversity, Education for Justice, The Jesuit Center, Office of Community and Government Relations, Peace and Justice and the History Departments of The University of Scranton.

The exhibit is on display in the Library’s Heritage Room until Wednesday, February 25, and the evening lecture will be held in the Heritage Room on Tuesday, February 24 from 5:00 to 6:30pm.

For more information, contact the Office of Equity & Diversity, 570-941-6645

Spotlight on Student Workers: Rebecca Edwards

BeccaWe can hardly believe that it has been two and a half years since Rebecca Edwards began working in the University Archives and McHugh Special Collections department! Time has flown by, and we will miss Becca greatly after she graduates this spring!  Before she leaves us, we would like to recognize all of her hard work and leadership in the department.

Becca began in the Library in the fall of 2012 and has worked on several ongoing projects, including accessioning files from the Office of the Provost into the University Archives.  She has also spent a great deal of time processing and accessioning negatives from the Terry and Paula Connors Collection.  A crucial role that she has filled this semester is helping to train three freshman student workers who are new to the department.  What Becca enjoys most about her Library position is working with the other student workers, and it certainly shows! She always maintains a friendly and articulate demeanor while collaborating on projects with other students and library staff.  Becca has been an asset to the department, and it has always been a pleasure to work with her.

Becca, who hails from Long Valley, New Jersey, is a senior Biology major and is currently on the hunt for a job for after graduation. Wherever she may find herself in the future, we know she will thrive and develop into a positive and confident leader! Throughout her time at Scranton, she enjoyed competing for the University’s equestrian team. Her favorite books and movies are the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings series, and a little known fact about Becca is that she was originally born in Brazil.

Thank you, Becca! And congratulations on your upcoming graduation!

NEW Library A-Z List of Databases

There are recent changes in how the Library presents and manages our A-Z list of Databases.

Utilizing the relatively recently adopted and implemented Electronic Resource Management (ERM) component of our integrated library system, we can now dynamically update in real time the list of databases to which we provide access. This allows our A-Z list of databases to be the most up to date list of electronic resources that we provide to you.

In the past the A-Z list required a much more involved and labor intensive process in order to update content and manage what the list actually looked like to the user. This new system requires a very simple alteration within the records found in our library system and monitored by the library technical services staff. These changes immediately take effect, altering what is displayed on the Library’s list of A-Z databases within seconds.

This new dynamic A-Z list of Databases presents a more modern but also more easily navigable interface for the researcher. It is uncluttered and extremely simple to use.

As a researcher, you can click on a letter listed alphabetically at the top of the page and immediately be linked to a list of all of the databases that we subscribe to whose name begins with that letter.

Directly underneath that feature there is a drop down menu labeled “Database Subject.” By selecting a subject, you see a list of all of the databases we subscribe to that provide content related to that subject matter.

The next feature of the A-Z list is labeled “Search for Databases.” Here you can use the drop down menu to choose “Database Name”, which allows you to type in the specific name of the database you are looking for or you can choose “Database Subject” which allows you to type in a subject you are researching and then be provided with a listing of databases that provide content related to that subject.

The Final feature of the new A-Z list is an area labeled “Trial Databases”. This is the section where there will be a listing of any databases for which the Library has trial access as a way to examine whether or not the resource will be added to the collection.

Access to the A-Z list of databases is available via the Library’s homepage by clicking on the “Databases” link under the Articles & Database tab or by clicking on the “Databases” link under “Library Resources” in the My.Scranton portal under the Library tab. The URL for the A-Z  list page is :


The dynamic A-Z list of Databases provides a more elegant solution to the question of providing our library users with a more intuitive and functional research interface.

Exhibit: Cornerstone of Victory

Cornerstone of Victory Exhibit

Millions of young Americans served in the armed forces from 1941 to 1945, including many students and alumni of The University of Scranton.  To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the formal conclusion of World War II, the Heritage Room is featuring an exhibit as a tribute to all of the men and women, particularly our veteran alumni, who went into harm’s way to serve their nation.  The exhibit will be based on materials from the Helen Gallagher McHugh Special Collections and the University Archives. Although the McHugh Special Collections does not specifically collect material on World War II, a number of collections have relevant material that highlight the impact that this tragic event had on the University, our nation, and the world.

The Abe L. Plotkin Collection is focused on the end of World War II and immediately thereafter. Plotkin, a 1935 graduate, served in the United States military and was a witness to the liberation of the Ohdruf concentration camp. After the war ended, Plotkin assisted survivors of the concentration camp in getting in touch with American relatives. The exhibit will feature photographs and correspondence from his collection.

The recently acquired Passionist Congregation Archives contains Military Chaplain Reports. The Passionists, like other Catholic Church orders and congregations, provided chaplains to perform sacraments and provide counseling to soldiers. The collection contains photographs and reports from the chaplains detailing their day-to-day life and activities.

Gold Star Veterans of WWII

A memorial to alumni and students who were Gold Star Veterans of World War II, which is permanently on display in the foyer of Madonna della Strada Chapel. There is also a second plaque commemorating those who died in Vietnam

The Joseph Polakoff Collection primarily features his editorial writing on Middle Eastern affairs; however, during the 1940s Polakoff, a 1932 graduate, worked for the United States Information Agency, and some of his correspondence relates to World War II activities.

The exhibit will also feature assorted publications collected over the years that relate to the war. The University of Scranton underwent a transition from Christian brothers to Jesuit stewardship in 1942. Besides the change from the Christian brothers to the Jesuits, the University was significantly affected by the war, as were all other institutions of higher learning as young men went to war instead of University.

This exhibit reflects a period of great transition for The University of Scranton and an experience that shaped the character of many of our alumni, the institution, our nation, and the world. Seventy years ago, America rejoiced in the hope for enduring world peace. Through this exhibit, we aim to honor the bravery, honor, strength, and sacrifices of all veterans and those impacted by war.

This exhibit will be on display in the Heritage Room until Sunday, April 26, 2015. For more information, please contact Special Collections Librarian Michael Knies, Michael.Knies@Scranton.edu (570) 941-6341.