“New Books” Bookshelves have a new home

Here are our new shelves.

Check out our new book shelves, now located right next to the Reference Desk.

We just moved our “New Books” Bookshelves from the periodical area to the area right near the Reference Desk. This should make the new books in our collection a lot more accessible to you, and it also opens up the periodical area for more study space.

I took some time to browse these latest additions to our collection, and came across this cool book which I have plans to read as soon as I can:

The Lord of the Rings and Philosophy: One Book to Rule Them All

Clearly there is something for everyone on these shelves. Check them out!

6 Replies to ““New Books” Bookshelves have a new home”

  1. Donna,
    You can search the online catalog using “Subject” and type in New Books. This will give you the New Books that have been added to the catalog over the last month sorted by department/subject area.

  2. Can you post the new books that would be essential for me to read.

    Thank you,


  3. Remember – if you want to read a new book – check it out today. The books go to their permanent homes on floors 3-5 after two weeks on this shelf.

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