Farewell, Professor Duke!

This is a summer of change here at the Weinberg Memorial Library. One such change is the departure of our esteemed Coordinator of Information Literacy, Prof. Katie Duke. Katie’s retirement after 23 years of serving the Scranton community is the beginning of the next set of adventures life has in store for her. Students and faculty in the Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Science, Mathematics, Nursing, Philosophy and Physics Departments know Katie for information literacy sessions in these subject areas which have always been exciting and useful, chock full of knowledge and gusto. The entire university community has Katie to thank for an Information Literacy program that is lauded and valued by so many, both within the university community and those outside of it. Her love for the research process comes out in all that she does, and for this she will be fondly missed.

Thank you, Katie, for your years of love and service!

“Study hard, and have fun!”

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  1. I for one will definitely miss Katie. The office that I have shared with her will seem very empty come fall semester. She has been a great supporter and a wonderful friend. Thanks!

    — Bonnie Oldham

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