U of Scranton yearbooks online, from Aquinas to Windhover


January, named after the Roman god of gates and doorways, is not only a great month to celebrate the new year, but also to remember the past. The Weinberg Memorial Library has just made it even easier to reminisce by digitizing all of the University of Scranton’s yearbooks, from the 1916 Aquinas to the 2007 Windhover.

The Weinberg Memorial Library’s Digital Services department is proud to present the University of Scranton Digital Yearbook Collection, a 74 volume set of almost 20,000 digitized pages – all available to the public. You can browse the books to get a feel for each year’s unique student culture, or search the books to find photographs of your favorite University faculty, staff, and alumni!

Questions or comments? Contact the WML Digital Services department!

2 Replies to “U of Scranton yearbooks online, from Aquinas to Windhover”

  1. Trying to reach Amanda Murphy about ad for year book . Is there a web site to post ad?

  2. Hi Susan, are you trying to reach the main Windhover office? Their phone number is 570-941-7483.

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