Wonderful Gmail Labs, pt. 1: Nested Labels

Here is Part 1 of a series of posts I plan to do, in which I share about the latest and (in my opinion) greatest features available in Gmail through Gmail Labs.

(Image borrowed from the Gmail blog post about Nested Labels, linked in the body of this post)

To all the Gmail users on campus…

Ever wish you could organize your thousands of archived emails into folders, like most other email clients allow? Well, now you can. Or, at least, you can do the equivalent, with a new Gmail Lab called Nested Labels.

Nested Labels allows you to create custom labels and sub-labels (which can even be color-coded), where the parent label, as viewed by default to the left of your inbox, can be expanded and collapsed to reveal (or hide) the sub-labels within that parent label.

I find this incredibly useful, since it allows me to categorize my huge archive, thus making older emails easier to find. It takes a little bit of time to set up, since you’ll need to go back and categorize all of your old emails from the past, assigning custom labels to the emails you want easy access to. But, if this is something you’ve wished Gmail had (or if you’ve been using the folders4gmail browser extension as a work-around, like I was), check out the Gmail blog post, linked above, for instructions on how to get started with Nested Labels.

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  1. If a person has ever opened a g-mail account and it was later closed due to unreasonable conditions.I had wanted it to opened once again,what can i do?

    1. Emailing/contacting Google’s Customer Service team would probably be the best way to try to fix this problem. Though before you do that, look through Gmail’s Help/Support page–there may be info under “Fix a Problem: Account” that will shed some light on what happened with your Gmail account. http://support.google.com/mail/?hl=en

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