Changes in Media Resources

Changes are happening rapidly in the Media Resources Department.  While the  DVD is currently the favorite media format, media streaming is becoming increasingly popular for academic use.

Streaming media are compressed audio and video files that allow the viewer to listen to or watch media in real time.   Some popular sites that feature streaming  media are  Hulu, YouTube and Google Videos.

In the spring of 2011 the Library initiated a Streaming Media Page as an offshoot of the Media Resources/Edlab web page. The site currently contains Licensed Streaming Media from Films on Demand about a variety of subjects including Biology, Health and Medicine and Education.  Students, faculty and staff have access to this material.  Links to outside websites hosting lectures, documentaries and archival newsreels are available on the web page too.

Streaming Media has many benefits.  It can be accessed from classrooms, dorms, or homes and multiple users can access it at the same time.  If you’re off campus, log in to my.scranton and use the Library tab so that you’ll be authenticated as a University of Scranton user.

View the  Licensed Streaming Media Tutorial  found under Programs and Services on the Library  Home Page for more information or use this link to connect to the page