Presidential Inaugurations through the Years

Walking around campus, you can see preparations are in full swing for tomorrow’s inauguration of the twenty-fifth president of the University of Scranton, Reverend Kevin P. Quinn, S.J., J.D., Ph.D.  As part of the festivities welcoming Fr. Quinn to the university community, we’d like to share a few images from some of the past presidential inaugurations.

Recently appointed as the eleventh university president, Bro. Eliseus Leonard, F.S.C. (1940-42), shakes hands with his predecessor, Bro. Denis Edward F.S.C. (1931-40).

At his inauguration ceremony, Rev. J. Eugene Gallery, S.J. (1947-53), fourteenth university president, receives a copy of the university’s original charter from Rev. Edward G. Jacklin, vice president of the university and dean of students.  Seated at the far left is Orphans’ Court Judge, James F. Brady.

Diamond anniversary convocation and inauguration of the sixteenth university president, Rev. Edward J. Sponga, S.J. (1963-56). He stands with Rev. William G. Kelly, S.J. (right).

The seventeenth university president, Rev. Aloysius C. Galvin, S.J. (1965-70) along with family members present at his inauguration. From left to right, John T. Galvin (brother), Sister Helen Mercedes, SND (sister), Fr. Galvin, and Mrs. Herbert O’Connor, Jr. (sister).

Inauguration of Rev. William J. Byron, S.J. (right), twenty-first university president (1975-82).  He shakes hands with Rev. Edwin A. Quain, S.J., who served as acting president in 1975.

Rev. J.A. Panuska, S.J. (1982-98) (right), twenty-second university president, receives the University Mace, a symbol of educational authority and institutional identity, from Fr. Byron.

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  1. Beth,
    I am sure that many people enjoyed these photos. Since I came in under Fr. Byron,I can now count myself as on of the old timers. I especially liked Fr. Galvin’s sister’s habit.

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