Measuring Information Service Outcomes Survey (MISO)–Tell Us What You Think

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Until March 10, students and faculty have the opportunity via an email message to provide feedback to the Weinberg Memorial Library and to the Information Resources Division by completing the Measuring Information Service Outcomes Survey. This important assessment web-based survey lets us know what is important to users, how frequently various services are used and how well user needs are satisfied. Respondents will also be able to indicate their perceptions of the service orientation and knowledge level of the staff who provide these services. Twenty-eight colleges and Universities are participating in MISO this spring. Among them are Bucknell, Gettysburg, Harvard, Creighton, Loyola Maryland, Spring Hill and Xavier.

Please complete the MISO survey so we can continue to improve our services. Thank you.

Please, Take a Seat

Learning Commons Floor Plan FinalYou may have seen the article in the April 28th issue of Aquinas about the changes coming to the Reilly Learning Commons. In addition to collaborative spaces, high-end computers and larger study surfaces, there will be additional group study rooms, a lecture capture room and CTLE Writing Center satellite service. You may be wondering what will happen to the furniture that is now located in this first floor room.  We are looking throughout the building to match places where a person might enjoy studying or sitting  that currently do not have seating.  If you have some suggestions, please email

Some Like It Hot, Some Like It Cold, Everyone Likes it When It supports Sustainability!

There is now a filtered water dispenser in the new 24 hours space.  The first button on the right dispenses room temperature water.  Press the second button for cold.  To get hot, you need to press the key icon before pressing the button on the left.  This feature prevents accidentally discharging hot water.

Coming soon:  100 BPA-Free reusable water bottles which feature the University of Scranton “S” and a green leafy “W” for the Weinberg Memorial Library

Is it Peer Reviewed?

Articles in journals that are peer reviewed or refereed are reviewed by experts in the subject area in addition to being edited by the publishers.  Because this is the highest level of scholarship, many assignments require peer reviewed sources. Ulrichsweb, found on the Library’s A-Z List of Databases,  is a good way to identify peer reviewed journals.

You can search by keyword or title.

search by title or keyword

Searching for the keyword adolescence resulted in a list of titles.  The legend indicates peer reviewed or “refereed” titles with a column in front of the title.

Ulrichs legend

titles that are peer reviewed

Clicking on a title gives you more information about that journal.  There are also links to Serials Solution and to the library’s catalog.  In addition to finding out if a journal is peer reviewed, you can use Ulrichsweb as a database by searching for a keyword or subject and using the Serials Solution link to get the fulltext of articles in other databases.

links to Serials Solution and the Library's catalog

Serials Solution

Questions?  Ask-a-Librarian.