WML 306 – Open Lab for Students


Beginning Sunday, May 1, 2016, the computer lab in the Weinberg Memorial Library – WML 306 – will be an open computer lab for student use during regular Library Hours. Open lab status last day will be Friday, May 20, 2016.

Print jobs can be sent to either the print station on the second floor, the print station in the ProDeo Room, or either of the printers in the Reilly Room.

Library Computer Lab

Busy writing that paper, but can’t find a computer in the Library? Well, beginning on Wednesday, November 19th, the Library Computer Lab (WML 306) will be open for student use. The bad news is that there is no printer in this lab. The good news is that you can send your print jobs to the UNIPRINT Station on the 2nd Floor. When the Printer Menu pops up, select ‘WML 2nd FloorQ on UNIPRT2-K3.” Oh, and by the way, there are different containers in the lab as well as throughout the Library, for Recycling paper (these are Green), Recycling plastic and cans (these are Blue), and for trash. Please put your garbage and trash only in the trash cans and remove the plastic caps from plastic bottles and place the empty bottles only in the Recycle bins.