Graduate Student Loan Period

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Last Spring, we received feedback from grad students regarding their loan period for books. Our grad students are heavy researchers, and they made their case to us that the nature of their research requires a loan period of longer than 30 days. They pointed out that most grad level research assignments are semester-long, and so they would need their books for the length of the entire semester without the renewal period running out on them.

As a result, we have extended the loan period on books for graduate students to meet this need.

As of March of this year, the loan period for graduate students is always, at most, an entire semester. This means, when a graduate student checks out a book, it will always be due at the end of the current semester. One renewal is allowed though, which would then extend the due date to the end of the following semester.

So, to all of our grad students — happy researching!

Free Prints

You asked, we listened…

To: Students

From: Bonnie Strohl, Library Associate Director

Re: 200 Additional Prints for the Library UniPrint Stations

Date: February 27, 2009

Each year the Library has allocated 200 free prints to students for printing from the Internet on the Library’s UniPrint workstations located in the Fist floor Pro Deo Room and on the second floor. Last year student government asked for an increase of 50 prints bringing the annual total to 250 a year. We have learned that the way in which these prints were made available to students created the impression that students would receive 200 prints a semester.

To meet students’ expectations that they will have 200 prints a semester, the Library will add 200 prints to students’ cards this semester. From this point forward, all students will receive 200 prints in the fall and 200 prints in the spring each year (a total 0f 400 an academic year). Unused prints do not roll over. In the interest of sustainability, we encourage students to be conservative in their use of their prints.

We thank the students who came forward to bring this to our attention. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at

The additional prints will be applied to students’ cards by the end of the day Wednesday March 4th.

There ya have it! This has been a thorny situation for the past few weeks, and we are grateful to the students who spoke up about this. Kudos to our Library administration, faculty and staff for researching this issue at other institutions and coming up with a solution that works for us all.