Gamers know best…

The Library plans to host another Gaming night during the Spring Semester and this time we would like to know what works best for you.

By taking the following extremely short survey, the Library can plan what Month and Day of the week would best suit our Student’s schedules.

We are also looking for feedback and suggestions, so if you have any ideas please add it to the comment boxes.

The survey will probably take you less than a minute to complete and here it is:

Scranton Smartphone Survey


Students, check your email – you might have a chance to win an iPad or $500!

A random sample of University of Scranton students have been selected to participate in the Scranton Smartphone Survey, part of a Weinberg Memorial Library research project examining how students use their mobile phones.  Students who complete the 10-15 minute survey will have the opportunity to enter a prize drawing — and one lucky student will win his or her choice of an iPad, a $500 Best Buy gift card, or a $500 Apple Store gift card.

So check your email today to see if you’ve received one of the invitations – you’ll have until October 15 to submit your response.

Questions? Send them to Digital Services Librarian Kristen Yarmey at

Why is 94% so great?

Last May when they picked up their commencement information, graduation garb, and other necessary materials for making their final exit from the University of Scranton, the graduating class of 2008 completed their Senior Survey.   In this survey, students are asked a variety of questions about their experience at the “U” during the past four years.  Questions range from cafeteria food to lab equipment and virtually every other subject in between.  Of course we as librarians are always interested in their opinion of how they found the library resources and services to be useful and helpful to their academic careers.  The results for the Class of 2008 are in and the great news is that the seniors experienced a 94% satisfaction rate with the Library.  This figure is also compared to students at other colleges and universities in our peer institutions – and we excel here as well.  I would like to pose a question to all readers of this blog.  If you were to take the Senior Survey today (no matter if you are a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior) what one improvement would you make to raise the satisfaction level even higher?  Every few years the library undertakes a survey sent to a random sampling of students asking questions about library resources, hours, services, etc.  But this informal question can help us make improvements (if realistic and within the bounds of fiscal responsibility) even before the next survey reaches your Royalmail account.