Evelyn and Katherine Reilly Plaque

2014-07-24 13.54.45

As construction continues on the Reilly Learning Commons, a plaque honoring two additional donors from the Reilly family has been installed. In addition to the generous donation from Joseph Reilly, two of his sisters, Evelyn and Katherine, have also contributed donations to the Weinberg Memorial Library’s Twentieth Anniversary campaign to bring the Learning Commons to light. Thank you, Reilly Family for your continued support of the Library!

Stay tuned for announcements on the grand opening and other events to celebrate the Learning Commons this fall semester!

Write and Cite Comes to the WML

S14 Write and Cite Day 1

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, May 13th and 14th, the CTLE‘s Writing Center set up camp in the Weinberg Memorial Library to offer assistance to students with their final papers.

This collaboration between the Writing Center and the Library was called “Write & Cite,” and included 4-6 Writing Consultants located at two stations (with refreshments!) during the evening on the Tuesday and Wednesday of Dead Week. Consultants were available for drop-in appointments in the 1st floor Reilly Learning Commons and the 2nd floor Reference Desk area from 5 to 8 pm both nights. The premise was for consultants to be available to assist students with their writing where that writing was actually taking place, and the close proximity of the Reference Desk meant students could also be referred to a Reference Librarian for assistance with formatting their citations.

And the event was a success! Thirty-three students received assistance through writing consultations over the course of both nights of the program, with three referrals to a librarian for citation assistance.

Miss your chance to meet with a Writing Consultant during Spring 2014’s “Write & Cite” event? Do not fear: beginning in Fall 2014, the Writing Center will have two satellite locations in the Reilly Learning Commons, making our resourceful Writing Consultants a permanent fixture in the Weinberg Memorial Library.

Many thanks to the Writing Consultants for making this event the success it was, to Amye Archer, Writing Center Coordinator, for planning the event, and to the CTLE for furnishing the refreshments.

Library Changes for 2013

touch tableYou may notice a few physical changes on the first floor of the Library when you return this semester. The most noticeable changes are in the Pro Deo room by Java City. Through a considerable donation for the Library’s 20th Anniversary last year, we were able to purchase an Ideum Platform Multitouch Table. The Multitouch Table runs on Windows 8 and has several apps installed. You can view photos from the Library’s Flickr stream, look at images of Hurricane Sandy’s effects on the Jersey Shore, view the landscapes of the planets in our solar system, put a puzzle together, and more! We will be working on adding apps and customizing programs for the device throughout the year. If you have any suggestions for the Multitouch Table, please, let us know. We are excited to see how you use the table and all its capabilities.

Cafe tablesAnother big change in the Pro Deo room is the addition of six cafe tables in half of the room. This has allowed us to increase seating in the space and make it more inviting from the outside looking in. The Pro Deo room now has a more cafe-like vibe for group discussion and interactive learning. While it may feel more open,  there are an additional 10+ seats.

The computer work stations and study carrells have been relocated to the Reilly Learning Commons, aka the other 24 Hour Room, so the same amount of computers are still available 24 hours a day! There is also a floating white board in the Reilly room, additional couches,and two high top tables with stools.