Wiki Wiki WHAT!?: A Very Wiki Workshop

This semester in the Technology On Your Own Terms series, we’ve had some great discussions about digital photography, photo sharing, and privacy settings in Facebook.  We’ll be wrapping up the spring series next Wednesday with one last workshop for our University of Scranton faculty and staff.

Most people have heard the word wiki (even just in reference to Wikipedia), but not everyone knows what it means.  In a workshop titled  “Wiki Wiki WHAT?!: What You Need to Know to Understand, Create, and Maintain Wikis,” public services librarian George Aulisio will help participants understand not just what the word wiki means but why wikis are useful tools.  In this session, George will help attendees set up a wiki account and add content to a wiki page.

The workshop will be held Wednesday, April 28th in Weinberg Memorial Library room 306 from 12pm-1pm.  If you’d like to attend, please register at

Image courtesy of Flickr user nojhan under a Creative Commons license

Technology on Your Own Terms Spring Workshops

In Fall 2009, the Weinberg Memorial Library and the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE) started a new series of workshops for University faculty and staff called Technology on Your Own Terms.  Since we heard a lot of positive feedback about the Fall sessions, we’ve decided to continue the series with an additional four workshops this spring!

Technology on Your Own Terms is all about giving faculty and staff a chance to get some hands-on experience with new technology, so all classes are held in the Weinberg Memorial Library computer lab (Room 306).  All faculty and staff members are welcome, but seats are limited, so please register for any sessions that interest you at (look under Special Event).

Pictures, Pictures Everywhere: The Magic of Compression
Wednesday, January 20, 12-1pm

As digital cameras become ubiquitous, users will be confronted with the issue of image storage and management.  This session will show you how to organize and manage the images you capture on your camera or phone, how to compress them, and how to make them email friendly. (Taught by Eugeniu Grigorescu, CTLE)

Can You See Me Now?: Creating Digital Web Albums to Share with Family and Friends
Friday, February 19, 12-1pm

Participants in this workshop will use Google’s Picasa Web Album to store and share digital photos on the web with family and friends. Utilizing 1 GB of free storage you will create an online album, add name tags to your photos, sort your collection by name, and then create a custom slideshow. In addition, you will learn how to create a collaborative web album that allows family and friends to contribute photos and video to your album. Other topics will include a review of several account settings, email notification, and how to upload photos using an email account. (Taught by Vince Yanusauskas, Library)

Share with Surety: Facebook Privacy Settings for the Casual Facebook User
Wednesday, April 7, 12-1pm

Confused about the ever-changing privacy settings in Facebook? Want to have more control over the content you share? In this workshop, you’ll learn about the latest version of Facebook’s Privacy Policy. Librarian Donna Mazziotti will walk participants through customizing their own Facebook Privacy Settings, armed with the knowledge of what each setting means. It is assumed that participants in this workshop already have a Facebook account, and will have their login information with them when they attend. (Taught by Donna Mazziotti, Library)

Wiki Wiki WHAT!?: What You Need to Know to Understand, Create, and Maintain Wikis
Wednesday, April 28, 12-1pm

A wiki is a webpage where all of the code and underlying framework is already in place, out of sight and out of mind. In this session, you will learn what exactly a wiki is and how to use a wiki to quickly and easily create a dynamic webpage, collaborate on projects, or just share personal content over the internet. Participants will set up a free wiki account and will learn how to hit the ground running by adding content and organizing a new wiki. (Taught by George Aulisio, Library)

Introducing the Library Research Guides Wiki

ResearchGuidesWiki The Weinberg Memorial Library is proud to announce a new collaborative project this fall –  the University of Scranton Library Research Guides!

The Research Guides basically act as a starting point, where students and other researchers can find useful resources in their discipline.  We’re using the Guides as a “home” to bring together helpful databases, reference books, e-books, and web resources for each subject.  While we’re focusing on traditional academic disciplines, we’re also creating Research Guides for interdisciplinary issues like Sustainability and New Technology.

The best thing about the Research Guides, though, is that they’re in wiki format (like Wikipedia) – which means that anyone can contribute links or references they find useful in their work.  It also means that the Research Guides are fluid.  Unlike static web pages, they will change and adapt over time as contributors add, update, and reorganize resources.

We’d like to invite all members of the University of Scranton community to view, edit, and improve our Research Guides.  If you’re new to wiki editing, take a minute to visit our Getting Started page.  Let us know if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.  We’re looking forward to collaborating with you!