March of the New Librarians…

Hello there! My name is Donna Mazziotti*, and I’m yet another of your new librarians here at the U. Although I’ve been around since last March, I figured this is a great place to tell you a little more about myself. You’ll usually find me on the 2nd floor at the Reference Desk in the late afternoons and evenings, Sundays through Thursdays.

This is me:

Donna M. at the Reference Desk
Donna M. -- Your Friendly, Neighborhood Reference Librarian

So, what would you like to know about me? I hail originally from Elmsford, NY (right next to White Plains, NY, which is just north of NYC). I went to undergrad at NYU, where I majored in Drama and English. Any theatre or literature geeks out there will find in me a kindred spirit! Then I went to Library School at Long Island University, where they turned me into a Searching-Junkie. This means if you have a really tricky question about how to search for information about a topic, I won’t rest (literally) until we find something useful on it. In some circles, the fact that I enjoy this endeavor makes me a geek… But that’s okay, because I have way too much fun doing it, so I can say sincerely that I look forward to meeting you soon and helping you tackle those tricky research questions!!

See you at the ref desk…

*Not to be confused with Donna Ramos, our esteemed cataloging librarian.

2 Replies to “March of the New Librarians…”

  1. NYU has the number 1 ranked philosophy program according to the Philosophical Gourmet Report – which basically ranks a department’s strength solely on faculty name recognition.

    You should of soaked in some of that knowledge from the world’s most “famous” living philosophers when you had the chance.

    Also, love the “Your Friendly, Neighborhood Reference Librarian” qoute under your photo… I’m not sure if you meant this to be a Spider-Man reference, but it sure seems like one!

  2. Re: NYU Philosophers — I sure hope I did! Time will tell, I guess. ..

    Re: Spidey — yep, you get the Cultural Reference Prize for the day!!

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