Google is all about Chrome

The buzz in the tech world this week is all about Chrome, Google’s new browser.  The browser industry has long been dominated by Internet Explorer (with bits of the market being taken up by Firefox, Safari, and Opera), but rumor has it that Google’s new product might take over.

You can learn about Chrome’s features in a new Google graphic “novel,” and there are also plenty of reviews being published (here’s one from Wired).

I’m downloading Chrome as I type – I’m anxious to see if it can win my heart from Firefox.  It will also be interesting to see if, when, and how Chrome might start to infiltrate The University of Scranton — where the preferred browser is currently Internet Explorer.   If you spot any Chrome users on campus, let us know!

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  1. I downloaded this browser Thursday… so far, I like. :) I feel like everything is easier to see… Maybe because there’s less clutter around the frame of each web page?

  2. Facebook and Chrome don’t seem to get along very well, and I do miss Firefox’s easy access to – but other than that, I’ve been happy with it.

  3. Avant is the Alpha and Omega of browsers.

    These are the reasons why it should be the standard for all librarians…

    1.) Multiple drop down homepages button. GENIUS!

    2.) Free server space to save all your bookmarks, so no need to log into Del.ici.ous when you want to remember where Princeton’s Astrophysics resource guide is, just open up the browser and you are logged in automatically (if you so choose). So when I save a bookmark at home, its here waiting for me at work. GENIUS!!

    3.) Mouse shortcuts! – Right click, then quickly left quick to go back. Left click, then quickly right click to advance. Left click and drag to open same window in a new tab. GENIUS!!!

    4.) Built in highlighter and find functions all done from the search box. Oh, and the search box is customizable for “Images,” “Groups,” “News,” and “Directories.” GENIUS!!!!

  4. George–

    I am open to the possibility that Avant could be a very good browser… Although I have yet to try to myself. But, your description is so enthusiastic, and specific, could you turn it into a full-out post at some point (no rush), with pretty screenshots for our viewing pleasure? Only if ya wanna… :)

  5. Not to dampen your enthusiasm, but don’t forget that Chrome is still in Beta. For more information on a vulnerability, read this story in ZDNet .

  6. it will be interesting to see if Chrome can get as much market share as Firefox; for now they seem to have leveled off…

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