Spotlight on Student Workers: Gabrielle Gorton

Gabby Gorton

It’s no surprise that Gabrielle Gorton is this week’s featured student worker.  Gabby has only worked in the Special Collections Department for about a year, but the Library is grateful for all of her hard work on a variety of projects.

Gabby has assisted with processing negatives from the Terry and Paula Connors Photograph Collection and has also accessioned files from the Office of the Provost into the Archives.  Last spring Gabby volunteered at the Friends of the Library Annual Book Sale. Her major project at the moment is helping Special Collections Librarian Michael Knies organize his research that he gathered from the British National Library while on sabbatical in January.

Gabby is an Early Childhood Education major, and this semester she is completing a field placement in a first grade classroom. She is involved in various education clubs on campus and plans to graduate in the fall after finishing her student teaching placement.  Her outgoing and ambitious nature, along with her passion for education, will certainly prove valuable in a successful teaching career.

As an outdoor enthusiast Gabby loves horseback riding and camping, but currently most of her free time is spent excitedly planning her upcoming October wedding.

Gabby enjoys how friendly and helpful the Library staff is.  Her recommendation for other students is to take the time to become familiar with the Library and the many resources that it offers.

Thank you, Gabby, for all of your support to the Library!

Request for Authors and Illustrators to Speak Up for Pennsylvania Libraries

Pa Forward Speak Up!

PA Forward is seeking authors and illustrators to write up short narratives about their support for Pennsylvania Libraries.  Please pass on the letter below to anyone who may be interested in helping.  They are particularly looking for anyone who has published books of interest to the general public or school age children. Thanks for your help in spreading the word.

PA Forward is a campaign by the Pennsylvania Library Association to promote public, academic, and school libraries and ensure that all Pennsylvania libraries have what they need to help people reach their greatest potential and meet the demands of the 21st century life. This initiative establishes new public-private partnerships and builds on the belief that libraries are uniquely positioned to help Pennsylvanians improve their command of five types of literacy essential to greater success in all vital roles of life, from citizens, students, and parents, to employers, employees, and consumers.  The five areas of focus are basic literacy, information literacy, civic and social literacy, health literacy, and financial literacy.

–  –  –  –

The Pennsylvania Library Association is proud to introduce the “PA Forward Speak Up! Authors & Illustrators Speak Up for PA Libraries” initiative. This initiative places Pennsylvania authors and illustrators in the spotlight, increasing support for libraries everywhere during a critical period of economic downturn. As a partner and spokesperson, your involvement can help fuel the dialogue on Pennsylvania libraries and the key role these institutions play in the economic, social and educational fabric of our state.

Your leadership comes at a true watershed moment for libraries everywhere. With Americans facing economic uncertainty, high unemployment rates, and the dizzying pace of an increasingly digital world, libraries remain the great equalizer. While statistics show us that library usage is up in unprecedented numbers, reports from libraries around the country tell us that tight city and state budgets are closing library doors, reducing collections and resources, and ultimately reducing access when it’s needed most.

The library community is keenly aware of this irony, but our message is heard best when it’s delivered by those outside of the library, particularly those who can speak eloquently and articulately about the value of libraries and the issues facing them. And who better than individuals whose works are the very reason we have libraries: authors like you. Authors are natural allies of libraries. You appreciate them as a quiet space to write or do research and you understand that the library that houses your books immortalizes your words and ideas.

Please visit and provide us with the information we need for our grassroots campaign. If you have any questions feel free to email at

Calling all Student, Faculty, and Staff Arts and Crafts Vendors

Call for 2014 Friends of the Library Book Sale VendorsThe Friends of the Weinberg Memorial Library are currently seeking applications from University of Scranton student, faculty, and staff Arts and Crafts vendors for the 2014 Annual Friends of the Library Book Sale.  The annual Friends of the Library Book Sale will be held in the Library’s 5th floor Heritage Room Friday, April 25th (preview sale for members and students), 4pm-9pm; Saturday, April 26th, 9am-9pm, and Sunday, April 27th, noon-4pm.

Vendor applications are due by Friday, April, 4th. Vendors will be notified of acceptance by Friday, April 11th.  Approval of applications is space permitting. The Friends of the Library accept only vendors who are selling items that they have created themselves and reserve the right to reject any applicant who does not meet these criteria.

The table space fee is $5.00 per day due prior to table set-up each day with a discounted fee of $10.00 for table space for all three days. The Friends of the Library are not responsible for the loss or damage to any items. The vendors are required to properly staff their tables and are responsible for the sale and security of their merchandise.

For more information or to fill out an application, please visit the Library’s Circulation Desk or contact Barb Evans at (570) 941-4078 or

Friends of the Library 20th Anniversary Exhibit

Friends of the Library 20th AnniversaryCongratulations to the Friends of the Weinberg Memorial Library, who mark their twentieth anniversary in 2014!  For two decades the Friends group has been committed to helping the Library excel in meeting the dynamic scholarly, cultural, and social endeavors of the University and the community at large.

In celebration of the anniversary, a small exhibit is on display in the 5th floor Heritage Room showcasing the years of support from the Friends group, including their various activities, events, and Endowment.  The exhibit will be on display until Thursday, April 17th.

Visit our Friends of the Weinberg Memorial Library webpage to learn more about the Friends group and how you can become a member.

For more information about the exhibit, please contact Special Collections Librarian Michael Knies 570-941-6341.

The Mutiny on the Bounty: A 225-Year Voyage from Fiction to Fact

Mutiny on the Bounty Exhibit FlyerAlthough the mutiny on the Bounty will always stand as a signal event in maritime history, the circumstances surrounding the mutiny have been clouded by early attacks on Lieutenant William Bligh and by motion pictures, which portrayed him as a tyrant. Doubtless, Bligh had a sharp tongue which he used quite effectively to berate his petty officers. But contrary to the portrait created by partisans of the mutineers, Bligh was an enlightened commander who limited the use of disciplinary flogging.

The mutiny is only part of the story. After the Bounty was taken by Fletcher Christian and his fellow mutineers, Bligh and 18 loyalists squeezed into a launch for a harrowing 47 day open boat voyage in bad weather. Bligh and most of his men survived one of the greatest feats of navigation in history and returned home.  But Bligh, eventually a Rear-Admiral, was always dogged by the mutiny and by the concerted smear campaign waged by a couple pardoned mutineers and the family of Christian.

In celebration of the 225th anniversary of the mutiny, Weinberg Library is presenting an exhibit on the topic drawn from the collection of University benefactor and alumnus Edward R. Leahy.   Mr. Leahy has acquired rare and fascinating books showing both the historical facts and the efforts to sully Bligh. From Bligh’s Narrative to the mutineer’s court martial transcripts to the spurious Fletcher Christian letters and the authentic and extremely rare Peter Heywood letters, Mr. Leahy has assembled the historical evidence. But he has also collected the start of the Mutiny saga in the arts with works like Lord Byron’s The Island. This exhibit provides both the fiction and the facts of the mutiny on the Bounty.

The Heritage Room exhibit will open February 7 and close April 17, 2014. On April 9 at 5:30 PM Edward Leahy will speak on The Mutiny on the Bounty: Myth and Fact in the Heritage Room with a reception to follow. The talk is free and open to the public.

Contact Special Collections Librarian Michael Knies 570-941-6341 for more information.

The Lindisfarne Gospels Facsimile

Lindisfarne Gospels Facsimile  The Weinberg Memorial Library Special Collections recently received an extraordinary gift in honor of the 20th anniversary of the Library.  Dr. Midori Yamanouchi, Friends of the Weinberg Memorial Library Board Member, provided funding for the acquisition of a fine art facsimile of the Lindisfarne Gospels.  The original Lindisfarne Gospels is at the British Library in London, and it is one of the most important and one of the best-preserved early medieval manuscripts.


The Lindisfarne Gospels is an Illuminated manuscript gospel book created approximately 715-720 AD in a monastery at Lindisfarne off the coast of England. It is considered one of the best early versions of St. Jerome’s Latin Vulgate.  The Lindisfarne Gospels also includes an interlinear Old English translation of the Gospels.  This word-for-word English gloss was added to the Gospels around 950-970 AD.  It is the oldest known translation of the Gospels into English.

This fine art facsimile of the Lindisfarne Gospels was produced in 2002 by Faksimile Verlag of Luzern Switzerland, a company that specializes in the highest quality reproductions of liturgical medieval manuscripts.  The facsimile was produced in cooperation with the British Library using state of the art digital photographic technology.

The facsimile is currently on display in the Library’s 4th floor Special Collections Reading Room.

Lindisfarne Gospels FacsimileLindisfarne Gospels Facsimile


Library Requests Book Donations and Volunteers

The University of Scranton’s Weinberg Memorial Library is requesting book and tag sale donations for its annual spring book sale, as well as volunteers to help with preparation and staffing for the event, which will take place during the last weekend of April. All proceeds from the book sale benefit the Friends of the Weinberg Memorial Library Endowment, which supports library collections and services.

The library will accept all titles of used hardcover and paperback books, including children’s books, cookbooks, fiction and non-fiction. In addition, the library is collecting videos, compact discs, audio-cassettes, records and tag sale items.

This year’s book sale is scheduled for Saturday, April 26 from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m., and Sunday, April 27, from noon until 4 p.m., in the fifth floor Heritage Room of the Weinberg Memorial Library.

Donations may be placed in the boxes on the Monroe Avenue side of the library, and will be accepted until Wednesday, April 23.

This year’s book sale is scheduled for Saturday, April 26 from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m., and Sunday, April 27, from noon until 4 p.m., in the fifth floor Heritage Room of the Weinberg Memorial Library. The Friends of the Weinberg Memorial Library, the library staff and volunteers will conduct the event. Book prices begin at $1.00 in addition to specialty priced items.

A special preview sale will be held on Friday, April 25, for Friends’ members and Schemel Forum members.

For additional information or to volunteer, please contact Barbara Evans, circulation/access service clerk for the library, at 570-941-4078.

Friends of the Library Holiday Tag Sale

Still looking for a gift for that special someone? Come browse the Library’s Holiday Tag Sale on the first floor by the Circulation Desk. 







Books, holiday decorations, home decor, and more, all at great prices!

The tag sale is open through December 18th during normal library hours and benefits the Friends of the Weinberg Memorial Library Endowment.

For more information, please contact Barb Evans (570)941-4078,


We Have Elevated Your Reading Experience

The Library received several complaints from students who are unable to slide their chairs under the tables.  We tried different approaches to remedy this problem.  First we tried removing the pieces of wood that are underneath the edges of the table from the two sides.  When these are in place, the table is very stable; removing them made it wobbly.   We tried bracketing the rest of the table to stabilize it but this didn’t work.   We reviewed the problem with the University’s carpenters and they created customized lifts to put under the legs.  Carpenter Jerry Terhune has been installing them early in the morning before the Library gets busy. 

Now that you can get your legs under the tables, the surfaces of the tables are also higher bringing your reading materials and laptops to a new level.   Let us know how you like this fix.  We use your feedback to develop access, resources and Library programs so please share your feedback with us.

You’re Invited!

Santa Photos 2013 Invitation

Anticipation is building for the arrival of Santa at the Weinberg Memorial Library! He’s making a special stop this Friday, December 6th  from 12:30-5:30pm in the Library’s 5th Floor Heritage Room.

Informal (cell phone) photos are available for a donation, and framed copies can be ordered for $7.00.

All proceeds will benefit the Weinberg Memorial Library 20th Anniversary Fund.  For more information, please contact Barbara Evans. (570)941-4078 or

Photos with Santa_002Be sure to stop by for a selfie with St. Nick! #selfieswithsanta